The shifting of seasons from a warm and alive summer, to a colder and quieter fall, naturally helps us to slow down — this change also slows and suppresses our immune systems. Balance is always the key to supporting your immune system, and Chinese medicine is the perfect conduit.

The big energy change we experience from an active summer to a more passive fall means supporting our bodies by altering a few of our lifestyle habits to be more in tune with this season, and at Bright Side Acupuncture, we can assist you. Join us in today’s post as we dive into ways to beat the bugs and stay healthy this fall!

Fall Tips To Stay Healthy and Beat the Bugs

Many know the autumn as a time when the leaves change, the weather becomes cooler and cold and flu season begins! But, this season doesn’t have to be that way! Learn how to combat, what seems like the inevitable, with the following tips below.  

Follow the natural cycle of the season.

The seasons have a natural rhythm, that when in tune, can help you stay healthy. Fall is a season where the weather begins to get colder, so staying warm and snuggly is imperative. Begin to transition from cold food and beverages like bubbly water and salads to warming foods such as soups and hearty stews. Warming spices, such as cinnamon, garlic, and ginger are great additions to meals. Hot beverages are also supportive and can be anything from herbal teas to a nutritive bone broth.

As the fall temperatures begin to plummet, eating cooling foods such as raw veggies can put a strain on your digestive system, requiring more energy into that, which inevitably takes away from your immune fighting capabilities. Conserve your energy by eating warming, cooked foods in the fall and winter months.   

Make self-care a priority.

The slowness and passivity of the fall can be an energy drain for some, so practicing self-care is crucial. This can be getting a monthly massage, taking a vacation, or belly laughing with your people — it is anything to help you recharge and keep you energized and engaged.


If you do feel like you have a cold coming on, open your pores (diaphoresis) and help your body out by sweating. Eating pungent foods such as garlic or ginger, or taking a hot bath can kick the crud before it even begins.

Keep your head and neck warm.

In Chinese medicine, what is considered “wind” is the main cause of illness, and the Wind Pool point is situated at the base of the skull and meets right above the beginning of the spine. Keep this point warm and toasty by wearing a scarf or turtlenecks on colder days for an added immune boost!

Get preventative.

The best way to stave off a cold is to be proactive. Eat a healthy and supportive diet and limit your sugar consumption. Acupuncture is also a great preventative course of action to keep your immune system balanced and ready to fight off any bugs. Acupuncture can directly support your immune system and make you less prone to illness.

Get more sleep.

Getting more sleep is a big part of Chinese medicine because to stay in balance, you must follow the cycle of the sun, and in the fall the days become shorter which means going to bed earlier! Weekend naps are also a restorative and relaxing practice that keeps you healthy.

Be gentle with yourself.

The summer energy that is big and expansive gives you the ability to go, go, go — in the fall, it is the time to slow down and be more gentle. This is taking pause and cozying up with a new book or learning how to knit! Quiet your mind and your body to stay healthy!

Eat less food.

In this time of slowing down, naturally, activity begins to slow as well. Take this into consideration when you’re eating. If you’re not moving as much, eat less. If you do, however, stay active in the cooler months and fuel your body as needed.

Make staying healthy a priority this fall and modify a few things to help balance your body and guide it towards optimal health.

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